Smoke + Cedar – Design Notes

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We enjoyed our time collaborating on Smoke + Cedar with Chef Gordon Naccarato and Joe Hardwick.  (Previously, we worked with Gordon and Joe on Pacific Grill).  Gordon Naccarato has an outstanding history as a chef and especially with restaurants that have catered to elite guests.  He has been a part of the best of both the culinary and design worlds.  As a result, he has a great ability to present his vision, comprehend design concepts as they are being conveyed and understand how those concepts will work with his food presentations.

For Smoke + Cedar, our ultimate goal was to create a stimulating dining environment that encouraged guests to visit often.  We believed that invigorating the Northwest lodge concept would allow us to create a space that was appealing, comfortable and warm.  We have incorporated design elements that are contemporary and eclectic but also amusing and familiar.  One design element that really stands out for us is the carpet.  Our design for the carpet was influenced by a combination of Native American blankets and modern rug designs.  We like how the carpet adds vibrant colors to the space and really energizes the Northwest lodge theme.